too, enough
"Too" means more than necessary. "Too" often indicates negative ideas. It is used before adjective + to infinitive.
***   The baby is young. He can't walk by himself.
***   The baby is too young to walk by himself.
***   The old man is poor. He can't buy any food.
***   The old man is too poor to buy food.
***   I'm very tired. I can't walk home.
***   I'm too tired to walk home.
We use “too..............(for somebody / something) to do something" pattern
***   This dress is very large. My mother can't wear it.
***   This dress is too large (for my mother) to wear.
***   The problems are very difficult. Students will not solve them.
***   The problems are too difficult (for students) to solve.
***   It is very cold. We can't go on a picnic.
***   It is too cold (for us) to go on a picnic.
"Enough" means sufficient. It comes after the adjectives. After "enough" we use -to infinitive.
***   Mr. Brown is rich. He can buy this expensive car.
***   Mr. Brown is rich enough to buy this expensive car.
***   My students are very clever. They can do the exercises easily.
***   My students are clever enough to do the exercises easily.
***   Ece is 19 years old. She can go to the cinema alone.
***   Ece is old enough to go to the cinema alone.
We use "adj. + enough (for somebody / something) to do something" pattern.
***   The house is cheap. I can buy it.
***   The house is cheap enough (for me) to buy.
***   The exam was very easy. I passed it.
***   The exam was easy enough (for me) to pass.
***   The golden bracelet is not cheap. I can't buy it.
***   The golden bracelet isn 't cheap enough (for me) to buy.
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