In superlatives, we compare three or more things or people. We make the superlative form of one or some two syllable adjectives by adding -est.
***   Ayse is 4 years old. Mehmet is 6 years old. Can is 10 years old.
***   Ayse is the youngest of the three.
***   My grandmother is the oldest person in my family.
We use the before “the” superlative forms of the adjectives.
We double the final consonant in one-syllable adjectives ending in: one consonant+one vowel before -est
***   Mr. Farmer is the fattest teacher in our school.
***   Summer is the hottest season of the year.
We add only -st to the one-syllable adjectives ending in -e.
*** The little girl is the nicest student in school.
***   Our house is the largest house in town.
In adjectives ending in consonant +y, change the -y into -i before -est.
***   We are the happiest people in the world.
We use the most before the two or more syllable adjectives.
***   China is the most populous country in the the world.
***   My sister is the most clever person in my family.
***   Swimming is the most enjoyable activity.
***   Jack is the most handsome boy in our school. .
Superlative forms of the irregular adjectives do not take -est.
Adjectives            Comparative          Superlative
good                          better                          the best
bad                             worse                          the worst
much                           more                           the most
many                           more                           the most
far                               farther / further          the farthest/ the furthest
little                            less                              the least
***   Ayse is a better student than Fatma, but Emel is the best student in the class.
***   My marks are worse than Murat's marks, but Ali s marks are the worst of all.
***   Jack has got more money than I have got, but Bill has got the most money.
***   Kayseri is farther than Ankara from Izmir, but Kars is the farthest of all.
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