phrasel verbs from ELS
ELS 11
Break Off                  : stop suddenly; discontinue
Come Around           : change one’s opinion to agree with another
Cut Across                : go from one side of an area to the other instead of going around it
Draw Up                   : devise or formulate; draft, especially for a formal proposal
Fall Away                  : be withdrawn, especially for backing or allegiance
Grow On                   : gradually become more liked
Hold Out                    : continue to exist; last
Let On                        : reveal one’s true feelings
Run After                  : follow; chase
See Off                       : go to the place that somebody is leaving from in order to say goodbye
Call Away                 : cause to leave (usually suddenly)
Clean Out                  : empty or rid of occupants or contents
Come Up                   : arise; be mentioned
Dig Out                      : find by searching; uncover
Follow Through        : continue with an effort or plan until its completion
Give Out                    : send out; emit
Keep To (Oneself)     : remain aloof from the company of others
Leave Off                  : desist from; chease; stop
Sign Up For              : enlist; register
Stay Behind               : not leave when other people do; remain
ELS 12
Close Off                   : put a barrier across to something in order to block entry
Count Down             : count backwards from a given number to zero
Draw Out                  : prolong; lengthen
Get Across                 : succesfully communicate information to other people
Go Down                   : suffer a defeat (in a sport)
Let Up                        : diminish; become weaker
Pay Off                      : pay a debt in full
Pick Up                      : gain
Turn off                    : drive a vehicle into a side road from a main one
Wear Down               : tire; cause someone to be exhausted
Catch Up On             : do something that one hasn’t had time to do earlier
Drop Off                   : decrease, decline
Fall Under                 : be classified as
Get Down                  : swallow
Knock Down             : strike somebody with a vehicle and injure or kill him or her
Stand Up To             : meet or deal with fearlessly or bravely; resist
Switch Off                 : turn off something that is electrical
Take Off                    : (for flying machines) leave the ground
Talk Over                  : weigh in conversation; consider; discuss
Work Off                  : lose or dispose of by exercise or labour
ELS 14
Break Up                   : (of a personal relationship) end; seperate
Come Around           : visit
Dig Up                       : make a hole in the ground by digging
Get Out                      : go to a different place (for the evening) in order to enjoy oneself
Hang Back                : be reluctant to proceed or move forward
Push Up                     : increase the amount, number, or value of something
Ring Up                     : telephone somebody
Set Down                   : write, copy, or record in writing
Take Up                    : continue; resume
Touch Off                 : give rise to; initiate
Add Up To                : signify; indicate
Bring İn                     : earn, yield as profits or income
Build Up                    : develop or increase
Clear Off                   : disappear; vanish; leave
Fix Up                                   : repair or renew
Go Against                : be in conflict with or opposed to
Hold Back                 : stop oneself (from showing an emotion )
Run Through                       : repeat something in order to practise it
Sit İn On                    : attend a meeting as a visitor
Turn Over                 : consider; think about, ponder
ELS 16
Burn Out                   : become exteremely tired
Check Out                 : borrow a book from library
Come Out For           : support or endorse a political candidate
Get Around To         : finally do something that one has been meaning to do
Give Out                    : distribute (to a large number of people)
Hang On                    : continue with effort; persevere
Leave Off                  : omit from a list
Pay Up                       : pay in full, especially when one doesn’t want to
Sell Out                      : sell the entirety of something
Turn Back                 : return to where one has come from
Answer For               : be punished for something; be responsible for something
Boil Over                   : be unable to suppress one’s emotions any longer
Cancel Out                : neutralize the effect of something by counterbalancing it
Fall Upon                  : assault; attack
Knock Out                 : cause a team/opponent to quit a competition by beating them
Move On                    : start a new activity
Pull Up                      : (for a vehicle) come to a halt; stop
Run Off                     : print
Slip Up                       : make a mistake; err
Take İn                      : include; encompass
ELS 17
Break Up                   : separate; scatter
Close İn On               : approach so as to attack, capture, or arrest
Eat İnto                     : use or take away a large part of something valuable
Keep Down               : hold at a low level of volume
Play Up                      : emphasize the importance of; highlight
Make Up                   : (of parts) to constitute a whole
Rest On                      : depend on in order to appear or be true
Stick At                      : continue trying hard to do something that is difficult
Throw Off                 : free oneself of; cast aside
Wear On                    : (for a period of time) pass
Die Away                   : (for a sound) become weaker and fainter and then cease; fade
Get Around               : outwit; find a way of avoiding a problem
Go Through              : carefully examine or search the constant of something
Hit Back At               : criticize or attack somebody who has criticized you
Pick Up On               : become aware of; notice
Run Over                  : go beyond; exceed
See To                                    : deal with; be responsible for; manage
Slip Out                     : (for a remaker) say without intending to
Take On                    : accept a responsibility
Turn Out                   : produce as a result of labour
ELS 19
Act Up                       : misbehave
Come Along              : proceed; develop or advance
Cross Out                  : draw a line through something that you have written because it is wrong
Drive At                     : attempt or intend to convey; allude to; suggest
Go Up                        : be consumed by flames
Keep To                     : stay in one specific place
Live On                      : continue to live; survive
Pass As                      : look as if you are somebody else
Roll İn                        : arrive (especially in large numbers or amounts)
Take Off                    : withdraw or remove from
Carry Off                  : win (an award, honour, etc.)
Fall Through             : come to nothing; fail
Hold Back                 : refrain from revealing; withhold; not give specific information to
Lay Out                     : explain something clearly (usually in writing)
Make Over                : remodel
Pick At                       : only eat a small emount of food because of physical or emotional distress
Set To                        : make a vigorous effort; apply oneself to work; begin
Stick Out                   : be conspicuous or prominent; stand out
Tie Down                   : limit one’s activities or freedom; confine; constrain
Work Out                  : end well
ELS 22
Carry Through         : accomplish
Give Up On               : stop hoping that somebody or something will be what you want them to be
Keep Back                 : prevent from going past a certain place; restrain
Kick Out                    : forcibly remove from a place; exile
Lay In                                    : store for future use
Lie With                    : be the duty, responsibility, or privilege of
Put Forth                   : presen tor propose an idea
Send Forth                : emit
Spell Out                    : explain in a very clear way with details
Think Through         : consider from beginning to end
Crack Down On       : deal with bad or illegal behaviour in a severe manner
Die Out                      : die away; fade; subside
Go İn For                  : be interested in; participate in like
Laugh Off                 : not be worried or feel threatened by something
Play Sb/Sth Off Agains Sb/Sth Else : bring two or more people or groups into conflict, usually for one’s own advantage
Press Ahead With     : continue to do something that is controversial
Pull Through            : come safely through a potentially fatal situation; survive
Shoot Down              : destroy or kill something that is in the air
Tear İnto                   : attack (verbally or writing)
Wait Up                     : not go to bed because of waiting for something or somebody
ELS 23
Bear On                     : affect; have a connection with; be relevant to
Do Without               : function or live without something; forego
Fell Out                      : attempt to learn something by indirect means
Get Behind On           : fail to do as much work, or give as much money as one should by a specific time
Go Together              : be appropriate or harmonious; match
Pick Apart                 : criticize severely or in great detail
Run On                      : be powered by; use (as an energy source)
Stay Up                      : go to bed later than usual
Take Out                   : withdraw; remove
Wash Down              : make swallowing or digesting easier by drinking something afterwards
Brign Down              : lessen or reduce
Come On                   : begin; appear
Fall Back                   : give away; retreat
Hold Onto                  : hold firmly; grasp
Look Out For            : beespecially careful about
Put Out                      : publish
Ring Off                    : terminate or finish a telephone conversation
Sort Through                        : look at a number of things in order to organize them
Switch On                  : turn on something electrical
Touch Down             : (for airplanes) land
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