a lot of, a few, some, any
1.         We use "a lot of to express a large quantity .
2.         We use "a lot of / lots of” with plural countable nouns, (e.g. pencils, skyscrapers, etc.) and uncountable nouns (e.g. milk, meat, etc) in positive sentences.
3.         Lots of is the informal form of "a lot of.
***   I have got a lot of story books.
***   There is a lot of/lots of sugar in my tea.
***   She has got a lot of/lots of magazines.
***   There are a lot of vegetables in the fridge.
1.         We use "a few" with plural countable nouns (e.g. potatoes, glases,etc) in positive sentences.
2.         "A few" has a positive meaning and refers to a small number of things which are enough.
A few = not many but enough
***   There are a few cucumbers. Let's make a salad.
***   We have got a few chairs for the party.
***   Harriet has got a few friends.
"A LITTLE"    
1.         We use "a little" with uncountable nouns (e.g. orange juice, rice, etc) in positive sentences.
2.         “A little" has a positive meaning and refers to a small quantity which is enough.
A little = not much but enough
***   There is a little lemon juice.
***   We have got a little money. Let's buy some sugar.
***   Mark has got a little knowledge about this subject
We use "some" in positive sentences with plural nouns and uncountable nouns.
***   There are some potatoes in the basket.
***   There is some orange juice in the jug
We use "any" in negative sentences with plural nouns and uncountable nouns
***   There aren 't any apples on the tree.
***   There isn 't any wine in the bottle.
We use "any" with plural nouns and uncountable nouns in Yes / No questions
***   Are there any trees in the garden ?
***   Is there any sugar in the bowl ?
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