In comparatives, we compare two (or two group of) people, things, or animals
***   Ayse is 4 years old. Mehmet is 6 years old.
***   Ayse is younger than Mehmet.
***   Birds are smaller than horses.
We use -er and than in one syllable adjectives.
***   old - My father is older than my mother.
***   tall - Jack is taller than Mike.
***   big - An elephant is bigger than a dog.
Note: We double the final consonant in one-syllable adjectives ending in :
a) one vowel + one consonant before -er.
***   Summer is hotter than spring.
***   Mr. Brown is fatter than Mrs. Brown.
b) We add only -r one-syllable adjectives ending in -e.
***   This house is larger than that house.
c) In adjectives ending in consonant -y, we change the -y into -i before -er
***   My bag is heavier than yours.
***   Jane is prettier than Susan.
d) We use more .......... than with the two or more syllable adjectives.
***   Izmir is more crowded than Ay dm.
***   Snakes are more dangerous than bees.
***   This hotel is more expensive than that hotel.
***   Physics is more difficult than biology.
e) There are some irregular adjectives. We do not add -er to these adjectives to make comparative.
Adjective       :           good          bad             much       many          far                                 little
Comparative :          better         worse         more        more           farther / further             less
***   My English is better than my German.
***   Ali's marks are worse than my marks.
***   I have got less money than you have got.
***   Old people have got more health problems than young people.      
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